Research projects

Sea Patches - zooplankton patchiness in the sea


Within Sea Patches we are trying to understand why small zooplankton aggregates in the sea. Is it due to physcial factors such as ocean currents alone? Or does the behaviour of zooplankton species play a role as well?



Stressor - environmental stressors on continental slope eocosystems in China and Norway


Stressor is a collaborative research project between the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China and UiT - The Arctic University of Norway. Together we aim to understand how multiple stressors affect plankton and fish resources in the northern South China Sea and the northern Norwegian Sea.



GONAD - The new generation of Calanus finmarchicus


Calanus finmarchicus is a tiny crustacean, about 3 mm in size, but is the main food for cod larvae, herring and many other fishes. Within GONAD we are looking at the development of the new genration of this important zooplankton species.